Pork Bundles

If you are looking to purchase pork in a quantity less than a 1/2 hog, a bundle may be an option for you.  We have a state-approved private label and can sell meat by the individual package.  Contact us to see what cuts we have currently available or if we can include your requested cuts in our next processing.


Possible pork cuts available for bundling include: cured bacon, uncured side pork, ground pork, rope sausage (fresh/smoked), mini breakfast links, brats, pork chops, Iowa chops, loin roasts, ribs, pork hocks, pork liver, ham roasts, ham steaks, shoulder roasts, pork steaks.


Specialty cuts also available – just ask in advance and we can work with the locker to see if we can make it happen.  We have fulfilled a variety of specialty cuts including whole loins, slab bacon for smoking, jowl bacon, whole hog heads, specialty ribs, and holiday cured hams.


Custom Bundles are also available.  Let us know what cuts you are interested in and we will price out a bundle for you.


We are glad to deliver the fully-frozen meat to your door (Iowa only per Iowa law).