WSF Goat Meat

We offer bulk goat meat purchases of a half or whole goat only.



We deliver the full-frozen meat within Iowa (Dubuque area).  If you prefer fresh goat meat (not frozen), talk to us to make arrangement.



We coordinate all aspects of processing with the meat locker.  You communicate only with us and we will handle all the details with the locker.



We charge based on the number of pounds of meat delivered to you.  This price includes all processing costs (and Iowa delivery).  You write out only one check to us (cash/credit card accepted too!).  No confusion on hanging weight vs. carcass weight and no need to write a check to us and a separate check to the locker.


Depending on the cuts you choose, there may be additional processing charges for finely sliced, cubed, or ground meat.  Ask for more details.


If you are interested in also purchasing some of the organs, head, legs, or other parts along with the meat, please let us know.  We can confer with the locker to determine which cuts they are allowed to provide for sale.


We do sell out of goat meat every year.  Contact us today to let us know if you are interested.  Our goats are typically reserved by customers months in advance.